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12 Tips to hunting Chukar in Nevada

October 21, 2013 by

Chukar hunting is all about increasing your chances of being successful. Hunting for the wily birds is best when they are forced to concentrate their numbers. Early in the season when it is usually dry you will find the birds tied to water sources making it easier to hunt them. Here are some tips to help with your success.

1.Read the chukar hunting 2013 -2014 forecast developed by NDOW biologists using aerial survey techniques in traditional chukar mountain ranges. Understand it is merely a guide. It is probably not lucrative in the long run to only focus on those mountain ranges identified in the forecast as having average or above average bird numbers.

2.Know the water sources in the area and purchase a guzzler atlas from one of NDOWs offices for only $50.

3.Hunt an area that has multiple water sources or a perennial stream that is still providing water. After two years of drought conditions, smaller springs that are isolated may not support multiple coveys of birds as they had in the past.

4.Seek out areas with fewer roads to avoid congestion often observed in canyon bottoms.

5.Prepare for the hike. If you have never hunted chukar before, consider it nature’s Stairmaster on level 20 with adrenalin added. Get into shape and make sure you have good boots for the long hikes up and down mountains.

6.Stop and listen for birds throughout the day. Sometimes just sitting on a rock for 10 minutes can reveal where birds might be located.

7.Understand the season you are hunting. If you are hunting early in the season, concentrate your efforts on water sources and focus on north facing where there tends to be more forage availability. If it’s late in the season and snow is on the ground, concentrate on southern exposed hill sides.

8.All chukar hunters who are successful know it’s all about the dog and the relationship they have with the dog that makes the hunt.

9.Regardless of the weather, bring plenty of water for you and your dog. This will likely be the first hunt of the season for many dog handlers and dogs, so don’t chance getting dehydrated.

10.Get familiar with your gun. Know how it patterns and what shot will work best for you.

11.Take your time and shoot straight, you may not get a lot of chances!

12.Remember folks, when go on your first chukar hunting trip, you go for fun and the rest of your life you go for revenge.

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