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Precision Rifle Shooting School

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Coming Spring 2020!

G&J Outdoors aims its Precision Rifle Shooting School directly at hunters. If you have that hunt of a lifetime planned, would like to maximize the capabilities of both you and your equipment or you want to be better prepared when that shot of a lifetime presents its self, we can give you the tools to make sure you are successful. We have worked hard over the years refining our process to make the art of Long Range Hunting something everyone can learn and benefit from no matter the experience or skill level. Our school has an easy to learn approach and offers different paced classes that will teach you the techniques needed to be successful. Over three days, we will take you from 100 to out past 1000 yards so when that opportunity of a lifetime presents its self, you will have the ability and confidence to place that single bullet exactly where you want it.

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Our classes take place in Laytonville, California. We have a lodge for you to stay in and all your meals are included in the price. We typically only have 6 people or less in a class but we can do larger classes at a discounted rate if you have more people that would like to attend. We can also do custom dates if you have 6 or more people, just contact us and we will try to work out dates that work for you. Students arrive on the ranch at 2 pm the day your class starts, have class all day the following day and leave at noon on the third day.

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You will need a rifle with MOA or Mil turrets that is capable of shooting a one inch group at 100 yards and at least 150 rounds of quality ammunition. We have rifles that you can rent for $150 for the class.

  • Cost of the class is $1,250 each.

Client Testimonials:

"G&J Outdoors long range school is one of the finest fun filled weekends that I ever had. Great class, great instructors, and the best landscape of any shooting range, that I ever had the pleasure of shooting on, no matter what level of shooting experience you might have, this course will make you better!! Last but not least you will be fed great food!!!"


"G&J Outdoors shooting school was an amazing weekend with an unbelievable range and view. The range is literally situated out the back door of the lodge with targets from 300-1015 yards with elevation gain and loss. This a must take class for anyone wanting to gain confidence and increase their shooting ability. The instructors create a low stress and fun learning environment."

S. Hunt

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