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2010 Fall Hunting Season

August 27, 2010 by

The 2010 hunting season is now in full swing. I've spent the summer scouting for antelope, deer and sheep in Nevada, as well as for tule elk at Grizzly Island and Roosevelt elk on the north coast of California.

The Grizzly Island elk hunt was 3 weeks ago and it went very well. My client got an elk that will probably be in the top 15 B&C. The elk green scored at 329 gross and 323 net.

I have been in Nevada now for two weeks desert bighorn scouting and guiding for antelope. I just finished up with my two antelope hunters. Because of the wet winter, we didn’yt see as many antelope in the alfalfa fields as there is plenty to eat higher up the mountain. Even so, my clients got two nice antelope on one of the best ranches in Nevada.

I am currently scouting for California sheep in Nevada for one of my clients who bought the Heritage Tag for California sheep this year, so we are looking forward to a great hunt. He is an avid bow hunter and arguably one of the best in the world. He has harvested all of the North American game animals with a bow. Only three of them did not make Pope & Young, so he’s on a quest to hunt those three animals again so that all of the animals make the record book. When he is successful at this, he will be only the second bow hunter to do this.

This client also purchased the Multiple Zone Elk Tag in California this year. As soon as we take a ram in Nevada, we will head up to the north coast and hunt for Roosevelts. We harvested some nice bulls up there the past several years and should have really good hunting.

The 2010 Nevada mule deer season, starting in October, will be very busy. I have 18 Nevada deer hunters this year. I’ve branched out on my Nevada deer hunts and now offer hunts down by Austin. We’ve seen some really nice bucks in that unit (Unit 171-173), but the terrain is rugged and the deer very difficult to get to. You really need to be in great shape to hike up to these animals.

Once deer season is over, I will be scouting for desert sheep down near Las Vegas in Unit 271. My client was lucky enough to not only draw the Nevada desert sheep tag this year, but a Wyoming Rocky Mountain Bighorn tag as well!

Finally, I will be guiding wild Chukar hunts in December and January. I still have room to book hunts, so please contact me if you are interested. My Brittany will be three years old next week, so he is in his prime. He ranges better than any other dog I’ve had. He is currently undergoing additional field training with Joe Gower of Joe Gower Gun Dogs. Joe specializes in Brittanys and in addition to training pointing dogs and competing in field trials, he will also be doing some select breeding as well. If you would like to know more about Joe’s operation, you can check out his website at: www.jggundogs.com.

2010 is shaping up to be a busy fall and winter hunting season. I will keep you posted on how the hunts go and feel free to let me know how your hunting season goes. Happy hunting!

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