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Recommended Nevada Hunting Units

March 30, 2010 by

Now is the time to apply for all of the big game hunts in Nevada. Nevada has 6 different big game species you can apply for as a non resident and 7 as a resident. We are having a very bad die off of Rocky Mountain sheep because of pneumonia and as a result there will not be a non resident tag this year. This does not affect the California or Desert sheep. If you buy the license ($142 for a non resident) you can get bonus points for every species you would like to someday hunt. Nevada has very good hunting for everything with their strict management policies. You can either apply for a tag and if you don't draw you get the point, or you can apply specifically for a point. I am already totally booked up for the early season deer hunts through the non resident guide drawing that took place this week so I will only have late deer hunts listed here.
To apply go to www.huntnevada.com and for those of you that have applied before, you will be in the system and can go ahead and apply. For those of you that have not applied before, if you were born before 1960 you can enter all your personal information into the computer and then apply. If you have not applied before and were born in 1960 or later you will need to have a hunter safety certificate and call 1-800-576-1020. They will walk you through what you need to do to get into the computer so you can apply.

Here are my recommendations:
I would apply for Desert sheep in this order:
1. 2632. 2673. 2714. 2685. 161
For California sheep: 
1. 032

2. 123. 334. 066-068
For elk:
1. 2312. 076 Early3. 161-1644. 111-115 Early5. 076 Late
For antelope:
1. 041, 0422. 032, 034, 0353. 065, 142, 1444. 141, 143, 151-155
For deer:
1. 071 late2. 141 late

3. 0654. 161 late5. 171 late

Please free contact me with any questions. I can be reached at 530-885-1492.

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