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Want to get into the Nevada Guide Draw for Mule Deer?

Want to get into the Nevada Guide Draw for Mule Deer?

February 25, 2013 by

Want to get into the Nevada Guide Draw for Mule Deer?

So you want to hunt Nevada for Mule Deer in 2013 and want a better chance at drawing that great mule deer tag?  Well you can get the odds more in your favor by entering the Nevada Guide Draw. We have had 19 out of 22 clients draw deer tags in one year before.

Here is what you will need to do now to draw that tag.

1. To apply with a guide, you need to complete a 2013 Power of Attorney form, click here to get your copy.

2. If you were born in 1960 or later, you need proof that you have taken a hunter safety course. If you have applied in Nevada before you are already in the system and don’t need it.

3. If you go to www.huntnevada.com there is a toll free number you can call and they will tell you what you need to do to get entered into the computer so  we can apply for you.

To enter the Nevada Mule Deer Guide Draw with G&J Outdoors, complete the above paper work and send it to G&J Outdoors at 220055 Porcupine Ridge Rd, Colfax, Ca 95713.

A $1750 Deposit per hunter is required. This can be paid by check or money order.  If you go on our website and use the PayPal system, a 3% charge will apply.

At G&J Outdoors, the first clients in with their paperwork and deposit, get the first choice of  hunt dates  and guides. The key is to get your paperwork and deposit in by March 1 to insure you meet the deadline for processing by March 8.

Have questions; call Cary at 1-530-263-0492 or cary@gandjoutdoors.com. Book now so you can go mule deer hunting in Nevada 2013.

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